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New Orleans Cruise Terminal

The New Orleans cruise terminal is located within walking distance of the Arts District and the French Quarter. It is next to the RiverWalk Shopping Mall, so you can shop until it's time to board the ship. The New Orleans cruise terminal complex is also on the RiverFront streetcar line.

new orleans cruise portThe New Orleans cruise terminals at the Julia Street Wharf have been upgraded and a new and larger cruise terminal is open at the adjacent Erato Street wharf. The terminal is designed to accommodate the largest cruise ships.

The Port of New Orleans has a fine set of driving directions, which we won't reproduce here. They also provide a simple map of the area.

New Orleans Cruise Parking

The official secure long-term New Orleans cruise parking is located in garages at the terminals. Please follow the link for more information. The official parking facilities at the cruise terminal are the most convenient.

For Julia Street cruise terminal parking, first go to the drop-off area where Seacaps will assist you with your luggage. Then you will be directed to the parking lot.

The Erato Street cruise terminal includes a four-story parking garage to handle over a 1,000 vehicles.

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